Wedding Videography Groom Experience 2017

Grooms are also key to wedding videography.

Wedding videography isn’t possible without the groom either. I know what I said about the bride, but the groom is just as important. Let’s be honest, a dapper, good looking groom can take a wedding film from good to amazing. Groom prep is pretty standard. It is only so many interesting ways a man can put on his shirt, bow tie, shoes, watch and jacket. Lucky for us, all our grooms from 2017 had great personalities. They were down to earth and open to allowing us to direct them. The results were magic! One of the keys to wedding videography is creating timeless images by putting the groom in the best position. Placing him in a position of power. Men are seen as protectors, lovers, providers. We like to keep that in mind when we step into groom prep. It is something about a groom to wearing a tailored suit smoking a cigar that is pretty badass.

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Photos courtesy of Dragon StudioWill Hawkins Photography, and Main+Simple Photography

 A symbol of a man reaching his full potential is when he decides to marry a woman. It is a sign he is ready to be responsible for another soul. He is ready to start a new life with a new family. It is  no longer about him.  This year we decided to compile some of our best moments from 2017 with brides and create the Wedding Videography Groom Experience 2017. We hope you enjoy! Feel free to visit Intellect Media for more videos!