Wedding Videography Bridal Experience 2017

Brides are key to wedding videography.

Wedding videography isn’t possible without the bride. We were fortunate to work with some amazing brides in 2017.  One of the keys to wedding videography is creating timeless images by putting the bride in the best position. Placing her in the best light, making sure she always looks her best no matter what. Some of the most amazing films have gorgeous images of brides. It is something about a bride to be seeing another bride’s skin glow that creates a certain emotion.


wedding videography

Photos courtesy of Will Hawkins Photography and Main+Simple Photography

Wedding videos will always continue to evolve. Whether the technology evolves or traditions continues to be forgotten, one thing will always remain untouched. A woman prepares her entire life for a few moments. One of them being her wedding. Her wedding day is a day of emotions. This year we decided to compile some of our best moments from 2017 with brides and create the Wedding Videography Bridal Experience 2017. We hope you enjoy! Feel free to visit Intellect Media for more videos!