Wedding Videography First Look Experience 2017

What is the most important thing to wedding videography? A bride will tell you the first time the groom sees her.

Virginia Wedding Videography

photo courtesy of will hawkins photography

I think it depends on the couple. The first look can be iconic! The moment when the groom is waiting for the love of his life to walk up. 5 Minutes can seem like 5 hours. A man is standing in front of his family and friends anticipating his soon to be wife to appear from the back. He goes through a ton of emotions as he waits. His hands are sweaty. He is wondering how she will look. How he will receive her. He is wondering how much longer before she comes.

Virginia Wedding Videography

photo courtesy of main+simple photography

Some grooms prefer to avoid all of those emotions by doing a first look. If he is going to cry, he rather cry when no one can see him. But the same emotions occur, only this time no one is watching. He is standing there waiting anxiously. His hearing has been heightened. He can hear every sound as he tries to listen for her heels walk toward him. He hears it from a distance, but than the sound picks up as she draws closer. Than she stops! What happens next is what we like to call in the wedding videography world, MAGIC! Magic, unplanned, raw emotion, is showcased! A man sees the ultimate beauty of his bride. He can no longer contain his emotions!

This year we decided to compile some of our best moments from 2017 with our couples and created the Wedding Videography First Look Experience 2017. We hope you enjoy! Feel free to visit intellect media for more videos!