5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

A few years ago, I wrote a blog about, “5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer?”. I think it is time to revise this article.

Wedding Videographer
Photo Courtesy of Ross Costanza Photography

2 Years later, this statement is still true, although it is getting better: “A Wedding Videographer, for some reason, are not very high on the priority list when planning a wedding.” A lot of brides are now adding videography to their initial budgets and doing their research early. That is a major leap, from where we were 2 years ago. Wedding Videographers are growing in popularity every year. This is a great increase, but we still have work to do.

Your Friend Didn’t

Don’t make the same mistake they did. That was their biggest regret. Don’t be your friend. This reason will never change. It will be the reason a lot of brides do get a videographer. The fear of regret. Again, don’t be your friend!

You Deserve to Relive The Moment Exactly How It Happened.

It is your one year anniversary. You sit down with your spouse and began to relive your big day, but you can’t remember all the minor details. A wedding video will help bring back those forgotten memories. Wedding documentary edits are a thing now. Couples can now purchase a complete edited version of their wedding day. They can watch all the key moments in its full length.

A Timeless Piece You Can Pass Down.

I think this one speaks for itself. When you have children, they will be able to sit with you and watch your wedding video. They will be able to ask questions and understand what it is like experience true unconditional love. Your wedding video will give them a goal to strive for. They will want to have a fairy tale wedding, just like their parents. I have also discovered, our couples share their weddings with family. It is a moment that everyone wants to relive, not just children.

It’s Your Wedding Day.

It’s your wedding day, you should get everything you want! Why shouldn’t you have everything? I know realistically you can’t, because everything cost, but you can plan for it. A wedding videographer is a must have. The feelings you get from watching a movie, are not the same feelings you get from a beautiful photo.

TWO Takeaways.

There are only two things you will have physically to relive your wedding day. One of them is photos, the other is, video. You can spend a ton of money on different things to bring your wedding day vision to life, but why not maximize your opportunities to relive it.

Wedding Videography will continue to grow into being a must-have. In two years, I will have a new, “5 Reasons on Why Brides KNOW Wedding Videography is a Must-Have”.

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