5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

A Wedding videographer, for some reason, are not very high on the priority list when planning a wedding.

It comes down to two things; lack of budget and lack of education. I’ve heard many people say, “I don’t see a point in having a wedding videographer”. “I feel like my photographer can get everything I want.”

Wedding Videographer

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No offense to photographers, but they can’t. The serve a special purpose. Keyword is special. They don’t serve an all purpose, but when paired with a videographer, they serve the perfect purpose.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Hire An Wedding Videographer

  1. Your friend didn’t. Don’t make the same mistake they did. Every time I meet with a new client; they always tell me; their friend did not have a wedding videographer. That was their biggest regret. Don’t be your friend.

Wedding Videographer

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2. You deserve to relive the moment exactly how it happened. It is your one year anniversary. You defrost the wedding cake top and open a bottle of wine. You sit down with your spouse and began to relive your big day, but you can’t remember all the minor details. A wedding video will help bring back those forgotten memories. You don’t want to forget the exact moment, he or she saw you coming down the aisle.

Wedding Videographer

Photo Courtesy of Secret Leigh Photography

3. You don’t want to regret it. You don’t want to become that friend, who is telling your engaged friend to have a wedding videographer. It isn’t a good feeling based on what I have heard and read.

4. The video allows you to remember people who attended. Unfortunately, this is one I am not happy to write about, but it’s a necessity. This year, I had several couples who lost loved ones shortly after their wedding days. The couples reached out in hopes of getting any additional footage to piece together a tribute video from the big day. A wedding videographer will be able to take care of you.

5. A timeless piece you can pass down. I think this one speaks for itself. When you have children, they will be able to sit with you and watch your wedding video. They will be able to ask questions and understand what it is like experience true unconditional love. Your wedding video will give them a goal to strive for. They will want to have a fairy tale wedding, just like their parents.