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The biggest regret we hear all the time is, “I WISH I BOOKED VIDEO FOR MY WEDDING. I LOVE MY PHOTOS, BUT I SHOULD’VE LISTENED TO MY FRIENDS.” We don’t want you to have those regrets. We tell our clients all the time, a picture is worth 1000 words. It really is. It just is not the only way to replay the day. Your wedding only comes once in a lifetime, and it should be captured beautifully.


Our philosophy is to always put you on a rollercoaster. Like a rollercoaster, we start with a gradual increase of emotions. We want you to slowly bring in the excitement. Slowly build the emotions. Slowly invite back those memories and feelings you had on the wedding day. Once we have gotten to the top, we prepare you to unleash those emotions as the rollercoaster goes downhill at a rapid rate. The tears begin to flow, the tissues are out, and the love is flowing. The perfect time to invite in the reception, the fun the dancing, and the laughs. That is how we end it. We want you to feel happy. We understand that everyone loves a good cry, but we want our viewers to also experience the fun.

Virginia Wedding Videography
Photo by Will Hawkins Photography


You spend all this money and time preparing for this once in a lifetime day, but there are only two ways you have to relive those moments when it is all said and done. You only have photos and videos. A photography slideshow can only do so much. We add a certain level of quality to each and every one of our films. This is why we are very hands-on with each of them. We spare no detail. We believe it is all about quality over quantity. You will not see the same style of film. Each film is unique. We want to treat it that way.  Let’s chat more about your wedding day.

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Virginia Beach Wedding Videography by Virginia Beach Wedding Videographers, Intellect Media. Serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas. Also, Destination Wedding Videography. Intellect Media delivers wedding videography like no other. Intellect Media never shies away from the opportunity to use cinematic skills that leave every wedding looking like a Hollywood Motion Picture. Luxury wedding cinematography.