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How do we even get to the moment where wedding cinematography is considered? It starts at the beginning with a moment. The moment a man and a woman first meet. The moment when you first said hello to each other. At that moment, your nerves take over. You realize this is something and someone new. It's hard to foresee whether this person is someone who will forever impact your life or just become a temporary friend, but to everyone's surprise, this person becomes more than just a friend.


He or she impacts your life on all levels, which leads to the next moment. Everyone that is around you two, can see the love you have developed for one another. Marriage is obviously the next step. Most brides don't see it coming, some do. Whether the proposal is done in front of loved ones or just between you the two of you, the next moment is achieved. Wedding bells are in the air. The planning has begun.


"It Starts With A Moment" is a campaign that we started to remind couples where it all began. The wedding process is so intense. Between meeting with vendors, budgeting, and compromising over what each other wants, it is easy to forget why you are getting married in the first place. All the sacrificing and tears that you have put into your wedding day cannot be saved with only social media photos and a professional photographer. A photo is worth 1000 words, but a film allows us to relive the moment.


It is our job as wedding cinematographers to capture the magic you two will create together, but the true magic is rehashing those first feelings you two had when you first experienced those moments that led you to this day. The day where all those closest to you come to celebrate your love.


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