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Intellect Media is a media company that focuses on using our knowledge of cinematography to create an enduring film that showcases your event in a creative, professional, and unique manner. When a client hires Intellect Media, they shouldn’t expect a video. They should expect cinematic masterpiece. Anyone can provide a video. Only a few can provide cinematic films.


Be it a wedding, corporate banquet, commercial, or military homecoming, Intellect Media never shies away from the opportunity to use cinematic skills in a way that leaves you with something memorable. While some companies are all about the job, Intellect Media is built on the art of cinema. Video is term that you use to document an event. We take pride in providing cinema to all projects. Intellect Media values each and every customer. We will take the time to work with you to understand exactly what you are looking for so that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Marcus (owner)

I am the creator of intellect media. I love bridging the gap between art and a wedding day. It’s funny, I always say, “I didn’t choose weddings; it chose me”. I wanted nothing to do with weddings, but after doing my first one; I was hooked. I discovered how much creativity comes with capturing a wedding.


There are a lot of different styles, techniques, and production details that go into putting on a wedding. A lot of clients may not see it that way, but I do. It is a production and just like a movie, it has three phases. Pre-production (wedding planning), principal production (wedding day), and post production (editing).

Amber (cinematographer)

I am the elegance and grace of intellect media. There’s nothing like being part of a couple’s special day; seeing the love they’ve grown for each other bloom as they bask in the love of family and friends. It feels great to be able to capture fun and special moments that the bride and groom will able to look back on for years to come.

Eric (cinematographer)

I am the technology guru of intellect media. My favorite parts are the intimate moments before and after the actual nuptials are said. The moments of vulnerability of the bride and groom as they wrestle nerves and sheer joy. Then there’s moment when she walks down that aisle and her eyes meets his and the purest expression of love is happening without a word being said. Finally, after the ceremony is over the relaxed joy the couple has as they begin a lifetime of love together.

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Virginia Beach Wedding Videography by Virginia Beach Wedding Videographers, Intellect Media. Serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas. Also, Destination Wedding Videography. Intellect Media delivers wedding videography like no other. Intellect Media never shies away from the opportunity to use cinematic skills that leave every wedding looking like a Hollywood Motion Picture. Luxury wedding cinematography.